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Floors and Chores are professional household goods movers of Johns creek, Georgia. Being one of the affordable apartment movers in Johns creek, we complement our services by offering carpet cleaning using truckmount machines. Our apartment movers move you and out and then our carpet cleaners come to clean the carpets. We service Johns creek and Suwanee areas.

With so many apartment movers in Johns creek, how do customers know which apartment movers to hire. Some apartment movers quote you one rate and then charge a different rate once they get there. We at Floors and Chores have genuine apartment moving firm prices. We abide by their rules and guidelines of the Georgia Public Service Commission. If the price your apartment movers quote sounds too good to be true, then the move could be fraught with a lot of risk. Take heed. Our apartment movers will come to your place of residence to give you a free on site estimate with no obligation to go with us.  On-site estimates are carried out according to our schedules. We are unable to come to locations farther from us. Floors and Chores use the same apartment movers every time. These apartment movers and moving helpers are legal residence of Georgia. However we are an equal opportunity moving company. Suwanee is awash with unscrupulous apartment movers. Make sure you checkout your movers before making a reservation in Suwanee. We are one of the few trusted apartment movers in Johns creek.

Floors and Chores apartment movers will pad and shrink wrap all your furniture to protect it from damage. (You will be surprised how many Johns creek apartment movers dont  do this). Apartment moving comes in three forms. First is when the apartment move is cross city eg Johns creek to Suwanee, the second is when the apartment moving is from one building to another building in the same apartment complex, the third is when the apartment moving is from one apartment to another in the same apartment building or adjacent building. The second and third options which involve moving helpers will be discussed in detail on relevant pages.            

The difference between residential moving and apartment moving is mainly due to the fact that the former is for houses, townhouses and the latter is for apartments. We move more apartments more frequently than houses in Johns creek. Since the housing downturn hit Forsyth county more people move into apartments. Suwanee has so many people that there is enough room for all movers to share the cake. Johns creek apartment movers are regulated by the Georgia public service commission. Beware of people you bring into you home. We got reviews for moving which illustrates our aptitude and professionalism.

Customers have the option of making the move slightly cheaper by making a self-move. Self-moves are when the customers gets a rental moving truck and hire moving helpers to do loading and unloading of the truck, pod, trailer or container. Our moving labor is 5 star rated due to quickness and carefulness. Last year we only had one damage claim and we settled immediately. It was for $48. Please visit the residential movers page to view our moving procedures. Atlanta is our location so moves generally close to our zip code 30346 will have low minimum charges. Distance is a main component of flat moving rates. Below is an excerpt of our moving rates. Once located in Fulton county we share a compassion to Suwanee and Johns creek customers.

Apartment moving hourly rates

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To obtain a flat rate complete this form or make a request for us to come give an on-site estimate. During busy periods on-site estimates are done as and when we are available. Atlanta is a large city, we encourage customers to book way in advance this summer.