License and Insurance


Floors and Chores, LLC  is comprehensively insured by two of the nation's leading insurance companies. This underlines our determination to provide a world class moving experience. We have full household goods moving insurance comprising of cargo and commercial insurance underwritten by Progressive insurance [Cargo] and American Empire Insurance [General liability].

Frivolous claims will be treated with the contempt they deserve. No claims will be entertained after the movers have left your premises. Please check all your furniture to avoid disputes. WE HAVE RECENTLY HAD A COUPLE OF CUSTOMERS TRYING TO LOWER THEIR BILLS BY MAKING BASELESS INSURANCE CLAIMS ! This is disconcerting and deplorable.  Genuine breakages will be repaired or replaced. Our movers are very competent and well experienced. 

Customers may call to verify the policy or ask to see proof of insurance when our guys come to move your property. Floors and Chores will be more than delighted to share this information.

In an attempt to inform customers on liability and insurance issues regarding household moves, we give access to those with confirmed reservations to view , sign and send back the " the Rights and Obligations for Moving in Georgia" pamphlet prescribed by the Georgia public service commission. Its a GPSC requirement. It outlines the mover's responsibilities and what customers should know before hiring a mover. With a plethora of unlicensed movers out there we encourage customers to take time and go through this information.                  

Please note, customers getting their own rental truck will be advised to include the insurance package offered by the rental companies. It covers damage to their truck and damage you may cause with their truck. Our policy doesnt cover this since we dont bring or own the rental truck. 

To put it simply our trucks, our men, our insurance. If you get the rental; its rental truck insurance and customer drives unless prior arrangement was made to allow us to drive. Our insurance policy covers work we do in your home while loading and unloading your rental truck. Cargo insurance on your rental truck is to your account.

If you hire us to load the pod or truck and then you drive to another location and have someone else unload the contents, then our liability is limited to loading ONLY. We are responsible for breakages during the loading ONLY. This is all because different people have different truck driving skills and different movers unload differently.

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We are licensed by the Georgia Public Service Commission, under class 'B' Household goods section. Confirmation may be sought by logging in the public service commission website and looking for Floors and Chores under the list of approved legal household goods movers in Georgia. We are authorized to offer full residential moving and delivery services. We pride ourselves in being upstanding professional movers.

We are certainly not the cheapest nor do we claim to be best. We afford you professional moving at reasonable rates to make that move seamless. Beware of movers perpetrating as legal movers. To confirm just ask for  their license number which you may then verify with the GPSC.

Our license number is HG500778.

We are licensed to carry out  residential moving operations locally and statewide in Georgia. In due course we shall become your favorite local nationwide movers.