Moving pamphlets

Moving rights prescribed by the Georgia Public Service Commission
This information helps customers with rules and regulations pertaining to household goods moving in Georgia. Not all movers adhere to these regulations. Floors and Chores tries best to provide a win-win solution to parties involved. Before your next move please take a moment to read through this pamphlet. All reservations made will be assumed were made after reading the attached documents.

Valuation form [Cargo insurance limits and liabilities]
The maximum cargo insurance prescribed by the state for all moving companies is $50K. Our insurance company is Progressive.
However, three options for coverage are offered. The customer is expected to select one and advise us before the move.
Please read this valuation form for clarification.

Bill of lading example
This is just an example of what a bill of lading looks like. In case of a disaster eg truck catching fire or been in accident , the insurance company will not entertain any claims without this document. Ensure you get a copy from your movers.

We hope the above documents or information will be of benefit in helping you choose a reliable mover. Should you have further questions please email us or contact the Georgia Public Service Commission.